When visiting Norfolk Island you have many options of activities to explore. Among the offerings are numerous group tours provided by the island tour companies, offering scenic, historical, dining, and entertainment tours, with several locals operating specialised historical, farming and garden tours, as well as unique flora and fauna experiences. For the more adventurous, there are mountain biking trips, magnificent bush walks through the managed National Parks, scuba and snorkelling trips, as well as fishing and shooting experiences. Island sporting events from the magnificent golf course, to archery, bowls or perhaps watching a local game of football with the Creaky Old Convicts. Self guided and other no cost experiences are very varied, from the tag along tours, to fantastic clifftop BBQ areas at Puppies Pont, Anson Bay or the sweeping ocean views from Captain Cook Monument.

Many Norfolk Island Accommodation properties include vehicle hire in their daily rates almost a must have if you are to fully explore this amazing island.

Shopping on Norfolk Island is centred around the Burnt Pine township with specialty experiences in dining, galleries, sporting and leisure activities throughout the island. Cultural experiences are many with museums, historical displays and buildings all easily accessed. Your welcome is evident everywhere with the friendly local s always up for a chat or the friendly wave as you drive by.

Your health and well being has not been neglected with several wellness spas, and pampering beauty salon, for massage, beauty and therapy.

Norfolk Island has a long history which is evident everywhere, with magnificent restored Georgian buildings, including churches, with World Heritage listing, unique history, culture and language.

Travelling to Norfolk island from Australia or New Zealand involves about a 2 hour flight from Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney or Melbourne (Norfolk air, or Qantas) or Auckland (Air New Zealand). Entry to Norfolk Island requires a Passport or Document of Identity, and a visa if applicable. While here all purchases are in Australia currency. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Being a sub-tropical island weather conditions range from summer temperatures ( 18 degrees ) to winter ( 25 degrees ), with major rainfall during Autumn and Winter (Learn more at the Bureau of Meterology).